Expand your Marketing with Contests through Incentivibe

Contest giveaways are often a popular way to bring in more targeted traffic for your website or business. In order to gain entry you may require people to sign up for your e-mail list, give a like your Facebook page, follow your Twitter account, or some other similar action. The biggest problem is finding a company whose product can be sponsored as a package without costing you too much money.

Incentivibe is a new way of holding contests on your website for larger prizes without needing to pay the full price. Each business or website owner pays a fee of $25/mo which gets pooled together with other payments to sponsor one big giveaway package. Then by placing a small widget on your site visitors have the option of entering this contest by performing any action(s) you choose.

incentivibe homepage layout design webapp 2013

You’ll notice they have a YouTube channel with a small 2-minute explanatory video which is definitely worth watching. This outlines the whole process step-by-step and how it benefits each website owner by growing their social following or list of subscribers.

One cool feature is that Incentivibe will handle all of the contest maintenance such as ordering the product, selecting a winner, and contacting them to send the prize. Each website owner is merely a gateway to drive traffic onto these contests. And each website owner is also getting a fair number of extra signups which can help to build their brand online.

The whole purpose is to expand your marketing with more recurring visitors/subscribers along with those who find your links on social networks. There is also a choice to create your own questions which can help determine ideas about the website. You create the question and all of the possible answers, so it is a great way to study feedback from your audience.

Incentivibe will also take care of all the legal dealings and direct communication with the lucky winner. The website which referred the winner each month is also contacted throughout the delivery process, but there is no liability to the website owner. This is great because you can reap the rewards of targeted leads with no concern for the contest finalization. Also you’ll have access to backend analytics telling you how many people have converted and which actions were performed.

incentivibe widget screenshot website giveaway package

Overall Incentivibe is a fresh new idea which is definitely nice to see. It would require a lot more money upfront to invest in these types of contests by yourself. However by using Incentivibe you still get all the rewards which come along in the process without struggling to find extra cash.

As part of the launch Incentivibe is also giving away $2,000 worth of Facebook ads. As many already know this is a heavily targeted network and will drive a good number of interested visitors. Contests like these are only the beginning and there is so much room to expand.

If you’re interested in trying out this service I would recommend skimming their website. Each section is full of information about how they work and what some of the prizes may be. And obviously you can choose which prize should be sponsored on your website, that way it can be targeted for your audience. At only $25 each month you run a contest, this type of growth will basically pay for itself.