MediaLoot Launch – Come In, We’re Open!

MediaLoot is now live! After many months of hard work and a lot of sweat, tears and blood… ok I may be exaggerating a bit here (or not), but I’m very excited that this project finally sees the light of day.

Regular readers here on SpyreStudios probably already know about MediaLoot as I’ve talked about it in earlier posts, but for those of you who don’t know, MediaLoot is a brand new site for designers offering premium resources like textures, print templates, web elements, icon sets, vectors, etc…

MediaLoot Launch

We’re constantly working to create new resources, and we’re also working with some awesome designers to create even more stuff for members! Being a membership site, MediaLoot will be updated many times a month with new resources and members can even suggest/request that we create specific items via our ‘vote‘ page!

Normally, MediaLoot is $29 per month, but we’re launching at $14 per month, and this price is locked-in for life! Make sure you check out the tour and sign up to start download resources and interacting on the site! See ya there! ;)


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