28 Sites Producing Podcasts And Screencasts To Help You Grow As A Designer And Developer

Reading blogs and tutorials is pretty good, in fact it’s great! You can learn a lot by doing this, but actually seeing and hearing (video and/or audio format), is a whole different world.

I’ve gathered some resources and sites that produce audio and video content. Of course, most of them offer RSS and also iTunes subscription options. I personally like to download the podcasts and screencasts and play them on my iPod Touch (if download is made available). The sites are listed in no particular order.

Tut Candy ↓

Topics: Graphic Design, Photoshop, Tutorials
Tut Candy

UIE Podcasts ↓

Topics: Usability, User Experience
UIE Podcasts

Layers Magazine ↓

Topics: Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator, Tutorials
Layers Magazine

Freelance Switch – Freelance Radio ↓

Topics: Freelancing, Business, Work
Freelance Switch - Freelance Radio

From The Couch ↓

Topics: Opinion, Tips, Business, WordPress
From The Couch

dConstruct 2009 ↓

Topics: dConstruct, Conference, Web-Design
dConstruct 2009

Pixel Perfect ↓

Topics: Tutorials, Photoshop, Illustrator
Pixel Perfect

Boag World Podcast ↓

Topics: Web-Design, Opinion, Interviews
Boag World Podcast

Creative Expert ↓

Topics: Web-Design, Interviews
Creative Expert


Topics: Web-Design, Development, Tutorials

CSS Tricks ↓

Topics: Tutorials, CSS, HTML, Tips
CSS Tricks

Web 2.0. Show ↓

Topics: Web Services, Internet, Interviews
Web 2.0. Show

jQuery For Designers ↓

Topics: Tutorials, jQuery, Javascript
jQuery For Designers

Theme Forest Blog – Screencasts ↓

Topics: Tutorials, Development, WordPress
Theme Forest Blog - Screencasts

You Suck At Web Design ↓

Topics: Web-Design, Freelancing, Tips
You Suck At Web Design

Binary Cake ↓

Topics: Development, Tips, Tutorials
Binary Cake

Type Radio ↓

Topics: Typography, Interviews, Type Design
Type Radio

Zend Casts ↓

Topics: Zend Framework, Tutorials, UI
Zend Casts

Killer PHP ↓

Topics: PHP, Tutorials, Tips
Killer PHP

You Suck At Photoshop ↓

Topics: Humor, Tutorials, Photoshop
You Suck At Photoshop

Photoshop Killer Tips ↓

Topics: Photoshop, Tips, Tutorials
Photoshop Killer Tips

Photoshop User TV ↓

Topics: Photoshop, Tips & Tricks, Tutorials
Photoshop User TV


Topics: Photoshop, Tutorials, Design, Tips

Sampson Videos ↓

Topics: Tutorials, Photoshop, CSS, HTML
Sampson Videos

The Rissington Podcast ↓

Topics: Web-Design, Questions & Answers
The Rissington Podcast


Topics: Tutorials, Illustrator, Tips

Tubetorial ↓

Topics: Internet, Blogging, WordPress, Twitter, Tips

WordPress TV ↓

Topics: WordPress, Tips, Tutorials
WordPress TV

Update: I have no idea how I forgot my good friend Danny at Outlaw Design Blog – sorry bro! So this gets my list to 29! Don’t forget to check out Danny’s audio podcast and videos :)

Outlaw Design Blog ↓

Topics: Freelancing, Business, Design
Outlaw Design Blog

Your Turn To Talk

Are you subscribed to any of the podcasts/screencasts I listed? If so, which ones?
Also, do you know of any other sites we should check out? Please share your personal recommendations in the comment section below! :)


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