Pretty In Pink: 25 Creative Websites That Make You Think Pink

Trends come and go but one that I have yet to see fade out is the color pink. It’s had its high times where almost everyone was using it, but lately we’ve seen it taper off from the forefront of the design trends in web-design. Some might still think that it’s overused, but I personally like seeing it used in creative ways.

Some people might argue that every design trend has been overdone (can we say 3D corners or apple-esque designs?). Regardless of what the current design trends are, you have to admit that the sites below utilized the color pink in very creative ways. I have separated the designs into subtle use and excessive use (you’ll see, excessive is good sometimes). Let us know in the comments which style you like better and what your favorite pink colored websites are.

Don’t forget that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month where people from all over the world change their website designs to add some pink to support the cause.

Subtle Uses Of The Color Pink In Web Designs

Daniel Schutzsmith ↓

daniel schutzsmith

Matt Brett ↓

matt brett

Art-Spire ↓

Art Spire

Rut Med Flera ↓

Rut Med Flera

No Postie ↓

no postie



Lily Balou ↓

Lily Balou

Blog Theme Machine ↓

Blog Theme Machine

Ungarbage ↓


Solid Giant ↓

solid giant

Paul Barlow ↓

paul barlow

Multiways ↓


Remix Creative ↓

remix creative

Jamie Webster ↓

Jamie Webster

Douglas Menezes ↓

Douglas Menezes

Excessive Uses Of The Color Pink In Web Designs

Parola Plus ↓

Parola Plus

Sacramento Jazz Festival 09 ↓

Sacramento Jazz Festival 09

Odopod ↓


Qwert City ↓

Qwert City

Kenedik ↓


Heather The Realtor ↓

Heather the Realtor

Modernois ↓


Duplo Studio ↓

duplo studio

Cujo ↓


Liz Lance ↓

Liz Lance

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