Showcase Of 30 Amazing Business Card Designs

You rarely have a second chance at making a good first impression. This is true with web-design and it’s just as true when it comes to business card design.

Giving away your business card is often the only option you have when you meet someone at a conference or even at the coffee shop, thus the need to grab the person’s attention right away and make sure they remember you when they look at your card later on.

Let’s have a look at some great examples of business card designs. I hope you enjoy the showcase!

Corporate Identity Card ↓

Corporate Identity Card

Fuse Design Business Cards ↓

Fuse Design Business Cards

Fluxar Business Card ↓

Fluxar Business Card

Scaline London ↓

Scaline London

3D Effect Business Card ↓

3D Effect Business Card

Kim Bentley ↓

Kim Bentley

Impression DP ↓

Impression DP

Rupture Studio Business Card ↓

Rupture Studio Business Card

Mertica Cards ↓

Mertica Cards

PR Lab Double-sided Letterpress ↓

PR Lab Double-sided Letterpress

RTC Business Card ↓

RTC Business Card

WooConcept – Business Cards ↓

WooConcept - Business Cards

Reblis Business Card ↓

Reblis Business Card

Wired Tree ↓

Wired Tree

Positive Money Solutions ↓

Positive Money Solutions

TunnelBravo ↓


Yuichiro Katsumoto ↓

Yuichiro Katsumoto

MSTRPLN Business Card 2010 ↓

MSTRPLN Business Card 2010

Black Business Cards “Famepix” ↓

Black Business Cards Famepix

Silk Business Cards With Custom Silver Foil ↓

Silk Business Cards With Custom Silver Foil

Simple Business Card for A “C” Bossé ↓

Simple Business Card for A C Bossé

Ryan Miranda ↓

Ryan Miranda

2×2 Square Business Cards ↓

Square Business Cards

Rhino Studio ↓

Rhino Studio

Bellucci Stores ↓

Bellucci Stores

Kaimak Business Cards ↓

Kaimak Business Cards

Day Legal Cotton Letterpress Business Card ↓

Day Legal Cotton Letterpress Business Card

Jonathon Tesch Personal Business Card ↓

Jonathon Tesch Personal Business Card

Lethal Dose Business Card Design ↓

Lethal Dose Business Card Design

Vertical Product Development ↓

Vertical Product Development

Your Turn To Talk

I hope you enjoyed this showcase! Make sure you link to your own business card design in the comments ;)


  1. says

    Here have a great collection of business card and I saw different type of business card here. I have a suggestion about business card. Business card is laconic describe to the business profession. According to me business card should be simple and different. Thanks for this post.

  2. says

    Outstanding business cards can do wonders! I’ve recently designed my biz cards – People look at them amazed and touch every area (100 % cotton also feels great!) Original biz cards guarantee that people will remember you.

  3. says

    English: It’s really great decisions for biz cards! *Added to favourites*
    Русский: это реально охуенно!

  4. says

    Some very classy stuff I see here. No doubt, any real professional business would love to have any of these styles repping their name. At least I know I would!

    I’m curious as to where you get these pictures… Could they simply be fruits of some simple online browsing?

  5. Karin Macwitty says

    It have had the feeling for some time… but now it is clear, I need to get a new business card
    Thanks for sharing inspiration


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