Showcase Of 30 Sweet Email Newsletter Designs

So, you’ve got people signed up to your newsletter; now what? Do you just fire off regular text emails, or do you take the time to craft something amazing? If you’re one of these thirty websites, you choose the latter option.

In today’s showcase, I’m going to show off some newsletter designs from 30 websites who really took the time to create an amazing layout for their newsletter content. I don’t know about you, but if I get an email like this, I tend to think a bit more highly of the site compared to a regular text email. Is it just me? ;)

1000 Watt Consulting ↓

1000 Watt Consulting

Mail Chimp ↓

Mail Chimp

45royale Inc. ↓

45royale Inc

Font Shop ↓

Font Shop

Chris Brogan ↓

Chris Brogan

Envato ↓


Remix ↓


Authentic Jobs ↓

Authentic Jobs

CIB Communications ↓

CIB Communications

Raven & Lamb ↓

Raven & Lamb

Marketing Profs ↓

Marketing Profs

Fitness 5022 ↓

Fitness 5022

Threadsy ↓


Typekit ↓


Headscape ↓


Borders ↓


37 Signals ↓


Ink Lounge ↓

Ink Lounge

Hammerpress ↓


eROI ↓


Threadless ↓


Veer ↓


Yoast ↓


12oz Prophet ↓

12oz Prophet

Nutrabolics ↓


12 Seconds ↓

12 Seconds

Tubefilter ↓


Cheapskate Freelancer ↓

Cheapskate Freelancer

Freshbooks Supper Club ↓

Freshbooks Supper Club

Silberpuls ↓


Do you run a newsletter with a killer design?

Drop a comment and let us know. I’ve become somewhat of a newsletter collector as of late. I love the way people design their newsletters, so if you’ve got a good one, drop a comment with the link :)


  1. says

    Email newsletter designs are pretty tricky.

    With most web based email providers and even stand alone email programs, designs often do not show. Some have even converted their newsletters into one big jpg and gmail blocks the image automatically. And if your company uses WebSense if strict settings, email designs become entirely ineffective.

  2. says

    yeah these look great, but are they effective? if your addressee doesn’t enable images in their email, most of these “sweet” emails will be sour since nobody will see anything.. #emailFAIL

    thank you for the beautiful jpegs, but lets see a showcase of great email newsletters that are effective with images disabled. correct me if i’m wrong, but i think they must work with and without images to be considered worthy of praise.

  3. says

    Thanks for the post. Newsletters are indeed a tricky proposition between content, easy-to-follow hierarchy, and appealing aesthetics.

    I am an illustrator and you may see my custom-designed monthly e-newsletter, here:

    Thanks again.

    Allan Burch

  4. says

    @Jae and Jimmy – These newsletter have (as far as I can remember since some I’ve been subscribed to for a while now) an option to get the newsletter in plain text. Also, with the images disabled, they all display fairly well because they’re not all 100% image based which is a no-no for email newsletter designs. A topic for another day I guess :)

  5. says

    Yeah, I agree with Jae Xavier about HTML emails being tricky when viewed in different email clients. I do a lot of HTML emails for clients and I found a pretty cool tool that shows you how the emails will look in about 16 clients. It’s called Email on Acid ( There are some limitations but all-in-all its a good tool to preview ones HTML emails in a variety of email clients. Great Post!

  6. says

    I design emails… and am pretty critical of most email design showcases but most of these are actually quite nice. Thanks for sharing them. Would be good to see the full version of the emails via a link underneath the screenshots?

  7. Niubi says

    Some wonderful designs here, but you neglected to include the DubLi newsletter, which often has a completely different design – always nice to see what it is each week!

  8. says

    I really do like seeing posts dedicated to email designs. I run a blog dedicated to email designs and standards here:

    When creating newsletters you have to always make sure it works with and without images. The less images used the better. Never build emails sliced from JPEGs! I hate that.

  9. says

    I am the lead designer at Atomic Design & Consulting in Plano, TX and I recently redesigned the Specialized Products Company ( promotional newsletter. You can check out yesterday’s send by visiting:

    On another notes, the email newsletter designs featured here are awesome and very inspirational! Keep up the good work! You have a new subscriber!

  10. says

    Great list, I’ve seen most of them, but still, it’s a nice collections of newsletter designs. Really love the one from Envato and Veer. :)

  11. says

    Holy smokes! I’m on this list! What a wonderful treat. Thanks so much for recognizing the Cheapskate Freelancer newsletter and listing me with all these newsletter experts.

  12. says

    Superb collection, but how could you get them. Do you get this email newsletters to you mailbox?. I also used to get some email news letters, among all i receive iStokphoto newsletters is the best one…

  13. Rowan Cavanagh says

    Some very nice ones there, but some terrible ones too.

    Like. Really terrible.

    How did the ones from Yoast and Cheapskate Freelancer get in there? If the article needed padding, surely you could find better ones than them?

  14. says

    thank you for the beautiful jpegs, but lets see a showcase of great email newsletters that are effective with images disabled. correct me if i’m wrong, but i think they must work with and without images to be considered worthy of praise.

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