Spyre Studios Job Board Highlights (Dec 10-14)

SpyreStudios Job BoardFriday is here again, thank goodness for that. How has your week been?

We hope that you have been finding some interesting gigs via our Job Board. Whether you are looking for a designer-related job, or you are in need of a designer to do some work for you, do take a look at how we can help you.

For designers looking for work, here are the highlights of this week’s Job Board.

Web Designer

EMyth is based in Ashland, OR and is looking for a web designer who gets their ethos: Seamless, Robust, and Beautiful. They want a design specialist who has a passion for all things beautiful, so if this is you, click away!

Experienced Web Designer

Aryana Solutions is need of two web designers who have experience to back them up. Web components, CSS, and mobile applications – if you know them inside and out, and you can work with a team, this Toronto-based position is worth your while.

Web designer with passion for e-commerce needed for new business

Ecommerce is not only for those who are selling or buying. Those on the technical and design side can also benefit from the activity AND help others enjoy the experience more. If you’re a designer who wants to work in this area and are from Vancouver, the job is waiting for you.

Experienced Freelance WordPress Designer

Do you think WordPress is the best thing since sliced bread? Do you know how to work the platform so that your creations make users’ jaws drop? If so, and if you have experience in designing for the cosmetic industry, you will be excited to take on this gig.

Interactive Designer – Mobile

Interactive designers with mobile experience, this gig is for you! If you have a week free to do contractual work, this is perfect. You can do the job remotely, although some meetings in Hollywood, CA are necessary.

Blogging Jobs

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