Spyre Studios Job Board Highlights (Dec 17-21)

SpyreStudios Job BoardSo today, the world is supposed to end. Whether you believe that or not, we’re still here to give you some interesting job listings. I guess you can say that we’re not fully convinced of the Mayan prophecy.

In any case, we wish you all a great weekend ahead of Christmas!

Web/Graphic Designer

SCW Fitness, based out of Northbrook, IL, is looking for a web/graphic designer to work with their team. This is a perfect gig for designers who love to get out there and get their hearts pumping. Make sure you have an online portfolio when you apply.

Graphic Designer

Who says uniforms need to be boring and unfashionable? The NewChef doesn’t think so, and they want a graphic designer who can help bring their vision to their customers. This is a full-time position based in LA.

Graphic Designer

Car Tattoos Decals Ltd. is based out of New York, and they want a motorcycle and hot rod enthusiast designer who can work freelance for them. From Photoshop to packaging design to catalogue design – you must be able to do these things.

Web Designer/Graphic Artist

Are you based in the Houston area? Can you design web sites in your sleep? Maybe you’re a graphic designer, too. Send these guys an email and see if you can work together.

Motion Designer/Animator

A social engagement agency is in need of a motion designer/animator who can work with them for the next two weeks. This contractual gig involves the creation of a tradeshow video which includes isolated scenes in motion.