Spyre Studios Job Board Highlights (Dec 3-7)

SpyreStudios Job BoardGood morning, everyone!

You’ve probably noticed our Job Board, which showcases design jobs of all sorts. We’re launching a new weekly entry highlighting some of the most interesting jobs posted for the week, so if you’re on the lookout for a design-related job, watch out for this roundup every Friday morning.

We bring you the first Spyre Studios Job Board Highlights. Good luck!

Infographics Designer

Motista is looking for an infographics designer to work remotely. The company focuses on a new type of quantitative consumer intelligence measure, and the right person for this job needs to be able to process huge amounts of data and create visual representations.

WordPress Designer

A new WordPress site about interior design and architecture is going to be launched, and the group needs a great designer who knows all about the platform. Get your most creative work out and a few references, then send in your application now!

Developer/Designer for Startup

If you’ve got the chops both as a designer and a developer, this gig might catch your interest. The startup is Culture Mesh, which is working at a networking solution for international/intranational diaspora. Telecommute position.

Visual Designer – Education

Great at design? Passionate about education? Love apps? If your answer is yes to all three, then get in touch with the guys at Vitamin Talent to apply for this telecommute gig.

Designer to Reskin Site

Can you take a site and redesign it to make things look much better and make users enjoy the experience more? If you have the skills, then apply for this job now!