Creating New Blog Content – A Simple Guide

It’s a known fact, at some point we all experience the blogger’s block. We sit in front of the computer and brainstorm for hours. Write a couple of paragraphs real fast and delete them just as quickly.

Nothing seems to work. Blogging seems to come to an end because we just can’t find the inspiration or motive to come up with a new post that provides value to the readers.

In this post we’ll analyze some of the ways most bloggers have been creating fresh content regularly. Although it might seem like it is the biggest productivity secret or some kind of blogging potion that makes them update so often, the fact is they have mastered the art of recycling information. Now let’s see how we can create fresh content regularly while still capturing the readers attention.

Rinse And Repeat

I like to call it the Rinse And Repeat Approach because some of your best posts require time and a little sharpening, both in terms of writing and providing value.

You might have hundreds of feeds on your feedreader that you read on a regular basis. Make use of this information. See what others have to say and provide your point of view.

The Rinse And Repeat Approach allows you to read someone’s content and write your own view or add a new perspective or twist to the story. For instance, you might read a post on how social media is booming and has become critical for gaining quick exposure. With the rinse and repeat approach you can analyze the importance of social media and also give the down fall of it.

Rinse the content, prepare with your own uniqueness, give your voice and repeat with more information that might have been missed by someone else, thus proving to be of greater value to the readers.

Look For The Signs

The other day I was looking at a brochure that I got from ebay and the first page said “Hey, we got something for you… look on pg.3“. My immediate reaction was, “Whoaaa, here’s something I can write about. Personalized Marketing!”

As they say, in real life there are sign everywhere and it is equally true when it comes to blogging. Depending on your niche you might be able to squeeze inspiration from anything that is around you. Maybe it’s the TV show that you are watching, the new web app that you are using or maybe it’s just what your two year old said. Develop a blogger’s view and you will see inspiration for a new post oozing out from everything around you. Give it a try, it works.

Past Shapes The Future

As we grow as a blogger, our knowledge grows along with it. We build a different perspective on things that we might have otherwise ignored in the past. What we did in the past shapes the future and the same is true in terms of blogging as well. A lot of bloggers tend to forget the importance of their previous posts.

Your archives tab isn’t there just for the readers to check out but for your own benefit as well.

Once in a while, take a moment and go back in time. Go back to when your first post and see what you may have missed. If you wrote a post on blogging and how blogging can make money through advertisements, this time around write a post on how using your blog to network can make you money… you get the picture. Try and analyze what you had written in the past and give it a twist with new information and new perspective.

Lay Off The Content Addiction

Yes, content is king! No need to argue on that. But most of us spend so much time trying to come up with a masterpiece that we fail to recognize the good post that is cooking within us. Some of my best posts are the ones that I wrote quickly or even in a rush. I just sat down and started putting my thoughts on paper (well, not really paper, but I started typing).

One of the best possible ways to be more productive when it comes to writing/blogging is to lay off the ” Best ever post “ addiction.

Just go ahead and share your views and opinion. Give something that others might enjoy. Forget the use of heavy words and such, just write and as long as you can convey your message you are more than good to go. Just relax and write. As we write more often everything else falls in place by itself. The secret to content creation is not trying but just making it happen.

So knock off the desire to create a diggable or linkbait post and just share your ideas and views on a particular topic.

Content Generation through Comments

Most bloggers fail to realize that comments from your readers can be the best possible way to come up with an idea for a new post. Most of the times when commentators ask something that might need a rather long explanation, forget about joining in the conversation and start an entire new topic based on the commentators question.

For instance, maybe you wrote a post on blogging and how blogging can open up opportunities for bloggers. You see a comment from one of the reader which asks “So how exactly can we boost opportunities by networking?” The answer to this comment can be hard to summarize in few words, and you certainly don’t want to waste a wonderful opportunity of writing a new post by replying in the comment section. Just acknowledge the reader and answer the question in a new post. The commentator is happy because you answered his question in detail, and you are happy because the reader helped you write another post without even knowing.

Sometimes it’s Best to Stay Within the SpeedLimit

Of course, you want to get their faster. But everything that’s fast doesn’t always win the race. This rule also applies to blogging and creating new content. Most of the times, bloggers are so high strung on creating content, they get burned out.

The most inefficient way of coming up with a content regularly is constantly thinking of a way to coming up with new ideas and new posts.

Slow down, take a break and you will start noticing that everything around you has something in it that will inspire you to write something new.

What’s your secret?

To your blogging success!

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    I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

    Robert Michel

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    Great post. Coming up on 2 years of writing on one subject–coffee, and it’s becoming really difficult lately to create new things to say. This post helped me to look in new corners. Thanks!

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    Wow! This post will help me a lot. Just while reading it a few ideas for new posts to write for my blog came to my head.

    Thanks for this =)


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