The Anatomy of Well-Designed Successful Infographics

You will find tons of great examples showcasing beautiful infographics all over the web. However only a handful of these graphics are actually useful, informative, and draw in attention from visitors. You can learn these design techniques and practice them on new ideas. But how exactly does it all work?

Check out our example infographic below which I’ve linked to the original full-view image. It takes a lot more than simply writing information to generate creative graphics. You need to offer something unique that grabs people’s attention. Something that is easy to understand and easy to digest. Also easy to share on the web for possible viral marketing!

Deconstructing the Infographic

This graphic below is full of some really important information pertinent to newer designers. Over the past 3 years we have seen an enormous rise in search engine traffic related to infographics. This means more and more people are looking for the information, and they need reliable resources for good quality posts.

You can offer this value by creating infographics with real honest information. Make sure your facts are correct and that they offer something useful to readers. Charts, numbers, graphs, trends, and diagrams are all handy tools for displaying data in creative patterns. You need to catch people’s attention and then keep it focused on your core message.

It’s also important to leave some branding or identity for users to link back onto your website. There is no copy protection for images on the Internet. It’s very easy for anybody to save a copy and publish your infographics into their website. You should at the very least include a hyperlink to your blog or website URL somewhere on the graphic. Then readers will know exactly who designed the graphic and maybe even check out some other ones you’ve made.

All-in-all it will take a lot of work and attentive focus to design masterful infographics. Nobody creates their best work right when first getting started. But you won’t build any skills by never trying, either. Jump into designing infographics headfirst and I promise you’ll find a very unique niche for marketing and designing graphics on the web.

Check out the very inspirational and unique infographic below. This was designed by which has a complete gallery of some other wonderful examples. You can click the preview thumbnail below for a fullscreen view.

The Anatomy of Infographics by