The Historical Evolutionary Timeline of HTML5

Modern web development trends have improved dramatically in just a few short years. Looking back at the era in 2001-2002 there were far fewer less open source projects available. Not to mention that common libraries such as jQuery were not even created yet!

It’s been an interesting history looking back over the web. Developers are constantly moving between trends to determine the best course of action for building their website. With the Internet you have so many tools directly at your disposal. But what is the historical significance leading up to our modern lifestyle?

Modern HTML Design Trends

Possibly the most lucrative way to illustrate this premise is through an eye-catching infographic. We have put together a brilliant timeline which explains the history of HTML markup language dating back into the year 1980.

Even better we get to look at how our culture has evolved in just a span of a few decades. Modern technologies such as the mobile phone, television, and wireless Internet are often taken for granted. All of these technological conveniences have increased our awareness in absorbing media from around the world.

Check out this fantastic infographic below and see if you can recognize any of the trends. The details page also includes some HTML code which you can embed onto your own website. Feel free to share this graphic on your blog or personal website. Also we would love to read your thoughts or questions in the discussion area below.

coding HTML5 historical timeline of events graphics