Agencies, Labs, Studios, Media, Interactive and Creatives: The Many Names Of A Design Business

We’ve all seen them (and probably use them) – extensions of your company name. Agencies, Labs, Creatives and many others are used as a way to set us apart, but how far apart are we, really?

More and more you see designers straying away from the traditional “design” at the end of their company name (ie: Some Name Design) and picking up one of the many words in circulation today (ie: Kick Ass Agency, Awesome Labs, Insane Creative, and so on).

So, with so many people using these name extensions, how original do they become when they’re put together with countless others who utilize the same name extension?

That’s what I hope to find out in today’s post. Below are sections that showcase portfolio websites that use the various names listed above. If you’ve got any to add, feel free to drop a comment and let us know – and don’t forget to let us know what you think about the use of these descriptive words in company names.

Websites That Use The Agency Name

HALO Creative Agency ↓

HALO Creative Agency

Red Interactive Agency ↓

Red Interactive Agency

Ola Interactive Agency ↓

Ola Interactive Agency

The Other Design Agency ↓

The Other Design Agency

Blue Ink Agency ↓

Blue Ink Agency

Websites That Use The Labs Name

PixelLab ↓


Mutant Labs ↓

Mutant Labs

Radium Labs ↓

Radium Labs

Revelate Labs ↓

Revelate Labs

Pop Labs ↓

Pop Labs

Websites That Use The Media Name

Riser Media ↓

Riser Media

NueMedia ↓


The House Media ↓

The House Media

Jump Media ↓

Jump Media

New Business Media ↓

New Business Media

Websites That Use The Studio Name

The Solid Studios ↓

The Solid Studios

Zulsdesign Studio ↓

Zulsdesign Studio

Full Fat Studios ↓

Full Fat Studios

Frish Design Studio ↓

Frish Design Studio

Miceli Studios ↓

Miceli Studios

Websites That Use The Creative Name

Phynk Creative ↓


Phunk’n Creative ↓

Phunkn Creative

Steve Mullen Creative ↓

Steve Mullen Creative

iHook Creative ↓

iHook Creative

Armada Creative ↓

Armada Creative

Websites That Use The Interactive Name

Davier Interactive ↓

Davier Interactive

Unit Interactive ↓

Unit Interactive

Rockfish Interactive ↓

Rockfish Interactive

Tracermedia Interactive ↓

Tracermedia Interactive

Lift Interactive ↓

Lift Interactive

What I Found Out

I found out that a couple of these names are still much less common than others. The most used (from what I’ve seen while researching this post) is that the STUDIOS name is the number 1 used name out there right now. Coming in a close second is MEDIA. The next in line are all of the Creative websites out there.

Another thing I noticed was that some websites are utilizing a combo of the above names, which seems a bit overkill in my opinion. I think by doing that, you’re grouping yourself with two separate groups of design names, thus making your site twice as common. But maybe that’s just me.

What Do You Think?

We would love to know your thoughts on the topic – are these names becoming another cliche that the design community uses (similar to the 3d rounded tabs, bokeh effect and other trends in web design)? Or are there reasons for using those names?

I’m very curious to hear your thoughts on this. Does your company uses one of the above mentioned words? And if so, why did you go with that instead of another word? :)


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