80+ Typography Related Twitter Accounts To Follow

With the ever growing popularity of Twitter it’s no surprise to see that a lot of designers and developers have adopted Twitter and use it to connect with other designers and share links, quotes, ideas, etc…

Typography Tweeple

So, since I’m addicted to typography, I thought I’d share my list of people I follow. This list contains only typography related Twitter users. Some are typeface designers, others represent type foundries and some exist to share news about typography and other related topics.

You can also find the list I created on Twitter here.

I hope you find this post useful! Please keep in mind that this is by no means a complete list so I invite you to leave a comment at the bottom of this post and let me know who I forgot. This list is in no particular order. :)

Twitter avataropentype: Web, graphic and type designer. Favourite topics at the moment: wayfinding, signage and webfonts (@font-face).

Twitter avatarlovehelvetica: #LoveHelvetica. LoveNeue. LoveBold. LoveLight. LoveBlack. LoveExpanded. LoveCondensed.

Twitter avatartypegoodness: By Frederik Samuel, typegoodness covering great typography

Twitter avatarfontdeck: Real typefaces for your website.

Twitter avatarjontangerine: Designer, co-founder of Fontdeck, and former journeyman in the Guild of Indian Ocean Octopus Fishermen.

Twitter avatartypekit: Bringing real fonts to the web. From your friends at Small Batch Inc.

Twitter avatarletterpress: Letterpress for the 21st Century

Twitter avatartyperelease: No bio

Twitter avatarTheServed: Serving fresh works from top creative professionals.

Twitter avatarFontShop: Founded by Erik Spiekermann and Neville Brody. The first independent retailer of digital type. Since 1989.

Twitter avatarfont: Account for downloadable webfonts: @font-face

Twitter avatarnicewebtype: One place for web typography.

Twitter avatartypedia: A Shared Encyclopedia of Typefaces

Twitter avatartypeoff: Diagnosed with terminal typographicalness.

Twitter avatarTypeTweets: typography, typographie, typografie, tipografia, tipografía

Twitter avatarTheTypeStudio: Author of Type Rules! 2nd edition, Gourmet Typography Training, TypeTalk on creativepro.com, fy(t)i on fonts.com, All Things Typographic enewsletter.

Twitter avatarTypeCon: Official reports from TypeCon HQ. Assorted and sundry typographic musings and sites to see.

Twitter avatarFontFont: This Twitter account is brought to you by FSI FontShop International [and its marketing head Ivo Gabrowitsch]

Twitter avatartypemytype: No bio.

Twitter avataruppercasemag: No bio.

Twitter avatartypesupply: I draw letters.

Twitter avatarTypojungle: TypoJungle is an inspirational resource focused on typography, graphic design, books, exhibitions, minimalism and modernism, updated several times a day.

Twitter avatartypefacts (German): Typografie verstehen – Christoph Koeberlin

Twitter avatarTypecamp: Change how you think about typography and have fun while you’re at it!

Twitter avatartypemark: I like… type, bacon, bodoni poster italic, making cars wait while I cross at a pedestrian crossing, graphic design, being a bit older and breathing.

Twitter avatartypesociety: The Society of Typographic Aficionados

Twitter avatarfanoftypography: Art Director/Graphic Designer with passion for Typography.

Twitter avatarhypetype: Graphic Design & Art Direction.

Twitter avatarDailyTypeface: A new typeface every day!

Twitter avatartypodermic: I make fonts.

Twitter avatarjasonsantamaria: Designer by day, designer by night.

Twitter avatartypegirl: Type. Typography. Design. History. Music. Food. Love. Not always in this order.

Twitter avatarFontblog (German): Schrift ist nicht alles, aber ohne Schrift ist alles nichts.

Twitter avatartypotheque: Fine quality Latin and non-Latin typefaces

Twitter avatarFontscom: Find Your Type!

Twitter avatarfontfabric: Our goal is to create high-quality free fonts, which you can easily buy or download free of charge, and which will serve as a good base for any designer project.

Twitter avatarhypefortype: HypeForType, helping designers evolve. The fastest growing Type Foundry in the UK working with some of the most talented creatives around.

Twitter avatarexljbris: 100% Type Designer

Twitter avatarAisleOne: A graphic designer obsessed with grid systems.

Twitter avatarprocesstype: Typeface designers – twittered mostly by Nicole

Twitter avatarTypophile: Typographic community celebrating its 9th year. Typophile is a @Punchcut gig.

Twitter avatarilovetypography: Founder of ILT. Fond of fonts, taken by typefaces. Designer, writer, typophile, bibliophile, atheist.

Twitter avatartypography: Tales from the typographic adventures of @michaelcharris. For the love of what language looks like.

Twitter avatar_twypo: Your dumb micro guide through the newest –and the oldest– typographic news

Twitter avatarposttypography: the internet

Twitter avatartypographyToday: All you need to know about Typography! every day update

Twitter avatarUoR_Typography: No bio.

Twitter avatartypoth: typo, typography, web, layout, graphic, design, wordpress, theme, css, template, designer and South Korea ;)

Twitter avatart8y: A typography feed. Headlines and links. Sometime news. That is all.

Twitter avatartypeapp: The Typography Manual for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Twitter avatarLDNTypographica: A website dedicated to the typographic map of London

Twitter avatartypographica: A journal of typography with a focus on typeface reviews. Edited by Stephen Coles.

Twitter avatarH_FJ: Typefounders.

Twitter avatarhouseindustries: Known throughout the world as a prolific type foundry, House Industries has made a considerable impact on the world of design.

Twitter avatarcommercialtype: No bio.

Twitter avatarTypeMafia: No bio.

Twitter avatarmarksimonson: Type designer and lettering artist.

Twitter avataropto: I spin letters and draw tunes

Twitter avatarletterror: Type stuff.

Twitter avatarultrasparky: Expat type nerd with interesting tattoos and terminal shyness

Twitter avatartypefacedesign: boot camp for your brain

Twitter avatarfontwerk: Open-minded Type Jockey, Singlespeeder and FSI FontShop International’s Marketing Director

Twitter avatarConnare: creator of the world’s favourite font!? Photographer to the needy and the sexy ones

Twitter avatarFontShopBeNeLux: FontShop is the original independent retailer of digital type. We offer more than 100,000 fonts.

Twitter avatarCastleType: Independent type foundry since 1990. Revivals, classic styles, decorative fonts, custom font design. Find updates and news here.

Twitter avatarespiekermann: Typomaniac

Twitter avatarmillertype: No bio.

Twitter avatarfontsoup: No bio.

Twitter avatartypopath: Graduate from the Digital Design program at VFS with a love for typography and pursuit in strategic branding.

Twitter avatarmotaitalic: Mota Italic typefoundry – specializing in versatile, multilingual typefaces

Twitter avatarfriendsoftype: Posts regarding type and the sketchblog. By @thebiganimals & @carambula.

Twitter avatarVeerUpdate: We hype photography, illustration, and type.

Twitter avatarP22TypeFoundry: No bio.

Twitter avataritfoundry: Designing Typefaces

Twitter avatartypedirectors: We are an international organization for all people who are devoted to excellence in typography, both in print and on screen.

Twitter avatarministryoftype: This is purely for new posts and stuff about the site. My personal tweet feed is @aegirthor

Twitter avatarthecreativetype: We are an awesome challenge blog for scrapbookers and other crafty types that love letters and typography as much as we do! come play along and win prizes!

Twitter avatartheleagueof: Fueling the Open-Source Type Movement, one typeface at a time!

Twitter avatartypeclub: We all have passion and love for typography, and want to share our ideas, inspirations and knowledge with everyone. Kern or die!

Twitter avatartypesnob: A Type Snob’s opinion, for what it’s worth :) Website coming soon!

Twitter avatartypemedia: Masters course in type design at the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK)

Twitter avatarQBF_type: Quick Brown Fox Type Foundry is an independent type firm specializing in type creation for design and identity.

Twitter avatarverynicetype: Direct feed from the Nice Type channel on Vimeo, showcasing kinetic and motion type animations.

Your Turn To Talk

I hope you liked this post! Make sure you drop a comment below and feel free to chime in and let me know if I forgot anyone. :)


  1. says

    cool idea for present typography twitter IDs, i would like to share 3 more for you if you consider in your next related post.


    hope you like above as well. thanks

  2. says

    Thank you muchly for including LoveHelvetica in your list. It’s an impressive list for sure, with many names not heard of. So checking them out now.


  3. says

    I was just thinking about how I should start following some typography stuff and this list just popped into existence.
    Thank you for making my life way easier, that is one heck of a list!

  4. says

    Thanks for the great list! Another group you can follow is @typefoundry. The C.C. Stern Type Foundry is a newly formed nonprofit working museum in Portland, Oregon, which has one of the largest collections of Monotype casting matrices in the United States.

  5. says

    This has given me a new appreciation of typograpgy and how the styling of letters and fonts can have such a great affect.


  1. 80+ Typography Related Twitter Accounts To Follow…

    This list contains only typography related Twitter users. Some are typeface designers, others represent type foundries and some exist to share news about typography and other related topics….

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