Viral Marketing Techniques That Can Increase Traffic

ViralAs a web designer it’s not unusual to work with reseller hosting so that you can offer the client a complete package. This way both parties will be in much more control of the content. However, even though all of this might be good, have many designers discovered that it’s not always easy getting found on the web.

If this happens you’ll stand there all alone with web hosting and good ideas that won’t do you much good. As the competition is brutal among web designers, a good marketing plan becomes a must for any business.

Ok, so you know that marketing is of the essence for true success but do you also know which way you should go? There’s a heap of different marketing methods and once you get started with your marketing it might be difficult to do a one-eighty if it turns out to be a poor alternative – so you better get it right from the beginning.

One of the, if not the most, successful ways of attracting a lot of visitors is through a little something called viral marketing. As viral marketing builds much upon “word of mouth” people will be much more eager to take a look at your site. A recommendation from a trusted source, with the friend/colleague/often frequented website talking about your site being the trusted source, will almost always be the best marketing tool. With this said – let’s take a look at what it really is and how you can take advantage of it.

What’s Happening Onsite?

First of all, you must give your visitors a reason to stop by your site. Depending on what your site is all about, may it be a site promoting you as a web designer or a site about dogs, the reason will vary but it can be anything from a high quality product/service, useful information or by providing something with an entertainment value.

Think about what your visitors would be interested in or what they would find valuable. Web surfers that find something they like are also probable to recommend it to people in their social network. Now, let’s take a look at some marketing techniques that can boost your site’s traffic.

Giveaways And Competitions

It’s a proven fact that people always go crazy for giveaways and competitions – I mean who wouldn’t? By featuring something like this on your site you’ll increase your chances of gathering the needed attention from new potential customers. Obviously the prize doesn’t have to be anything large, their name on a top list is often sufficient. This is also a great way for you to get a hold of emails, which is a good thing if you want to send people information about your business or special offerings – however, never get too spammy! Likewise, remember to make the competitions fairly easy to enter.

Bring Out the Author in You

Pour yourself a big cup of tea and bring out the author in you. If you’re able to create something amazing content-wise then you can definitely attract attention. Even a good article will work as “link bait” which means that it will draw links from blogs and websites and hence giving you loads of new visitors. Remember, you don’t have to write the next great American novel – it can be anything from an inspiring article to a top list or a tutorial. Expert advices are also much appreciated by readers.

Let Your Visitors Do All The Work

It’s extremely important that you make it easy for your readers to share information about your site. Always include links to the most important social networks on the web, such as and Digg. Doing so will encourage people to spread the word about you and hopefully it can create a snowballing effect.

Viral marketing is much about standing and doing things differently than the standard norm. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from others to create something unique. A bonus worth mentioning is that viral marketing doesn’t have to cost you anything at all. So, stay on the lookout for innovative ways of spreading the word about you and your site!

Hope you found these tips useful! See you in the comment section! :)

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  1. W says

    Thank you very much for this article! I’ll for sure try to implement viral marketing in my business.

  2. says


    Thank you for your great post.

    What do you think – are giveaways effective for such “fast” services as I mean that so-called psd-to-html services are in their essence very inexpensive and quick to deal with – can giveaways be a good incentive here?

    Thank you.


  3. says

    I’ve never liked the idea of doing contests and giveaways. I want people to come solely because they want to see my contents. I don’t want people to come just because they want to win something.

    I agree with you about social networking websites. They are king to help you increase traffic. Great post overall!

  4. Mikael says

    Thank you for your helpful insight, I’m new to this field and recently started working at this website design studio have been told that social media/networking sites do play a major role in the future of marketing. Thanks again.

  5. Muthu says

    Simply, this is a best option to market a business!

    Must thing to know, for an amateur who strives to have his business noticed.

    nice post Chris


  6. says

    This is a really nice article, however I believe the very best technique to drive traffic to your site is by first GIVING other bloggers nice comments about their blogs and posts. As you surf the web and discover amazing websites with good articles and you have a meaningful comment, you will immediately command the respect of your readers, even though you are only offering a comment. This builds lasting friendships, far stronger than any kind of technology approach to website-turnkey success. Regards, Keith

  7. says

    Very nice tips. I used your tips to market my website. People have been emailing about my contests and have received good feedback. My only concern is how to properly market the contest. I have a sweepstakes and a monthly contest going on.

  8. says

    ive had a viral marketing idea for a while now but done nothing with it, this article makes me want to rectify that sharpish.

  9. says

    Well I htink viral marketing is a good idea but I would prefer having viewers view my website out of interest more than just for getting some traffic for the sake of getting traffic only.

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