Enter To Win 1 Of 10 Copies Of The iSocialize Theme From GIANT Themes!

Today we’ve got a special treat for the SpyreStudios visitors; 10 free copies of the new iSocialize theme from Giant Themes! The best part is this – the Giant Themes site doesn’t even launch until January 1st, so you’ll be getting the theme before anyone else!

Before we get into what you need to do in order to enter, lets take a look at the theme and see some of the features that it comes built in with.

So what does the theme look like?

Below are some screenshots of the four different theme style options that come pre built in with the theme.
iSocialize Theme
iSocialize Theme
iSocialize Theme
iSocialize Theme

So what are some of the built in features?

I’ve built in some items into the theme options page (GIANT OPTIONS) that will allow you to edit and update the theme with ease. Below is a list of the different items you can change in the GIANT OPTIONS page.

  1. Logo changer: add your logo url & the size of the logo
  2. Stylesheet Changer: the four styles are built into a drop down for you
  3. Google analytics: add your code into the box and it’s automatically added into your site
  4. Timthumb options: Activate timthumb’s image resizer and also choose the width/height
  5. Top bar profile options: Add the url to any of the social profiles you see in the top right bar
  6. RSS Feed options: add your feed url and feedreader name to get the rss box to show up and allow email sign ups
  7. Twitter options: Add your twitter name, choose how many tweets to show & choose the twitter section title
  8. Advertisements: 300×250 in the sidebar, 300×250 on the single post pages, 468×60 in the header and 468×60 under the first post on every page

Where can you view the demo?

You can view the online demo by clicking here.

What else is included in the theme?

There are page styles that are built in so when you’re creating a page, you can have a pre built style there in place. In the top navigation of the menu, there is a drop down of the styles. Below are some notes on each.

  • Archives: allows you to write some text on the page and also has the archives by category and month built into it
  • Full Width: looking for a page without the sidebar? This is for you
  • Home Page Full Width: want a custom style home page? This one is 100% widgetized for the home page so you can show anything you’d like
  • Home Page Normal Width: This is the same as the one above, only it has the sidebar back in place
  • Page Redirect: With a simple custom field (‘redirect’) you can make your page redirect to any url. Great for affiliate linksyou don’t want other people seeing.

So how do you enter?

There are two ways to enter (we’ll be picking 5 winners from each method so make sure you do both in order to have the most chances to win!) The contest ends on December 23rd, 2009 at midnight EST.

  • Comment on this blog post – tell us why you’d like to have the theme (use a real email address so we can contact you if you win)
  • Tweet about this post – make sure you use the hash tag #spyregiant in order for us to track the tweets. Tweet as many times as you’d like.
Below are the winners who were randomly chosen from random.org – thank you to everyone who entered.

  • Gordon
  • Arlen Nielsen
  • Sascha
  • AnaMartelo
  • ryanb
  • webbografico
  • Jimmy
  • Mars
  • Lucas Cobb
  • Joe


  1. says

    I would like this theme because you are giving it away (thus FREE), because I’m always interested in playing with new themes, and because I like the look of the theme – nice and clean.

  2. says

    I would love to have this , because it will help a lot for my design blog since i cant code as much, and also push me to do more for my blog,

    Thank you ,

    Andres V.

    PS: ill be sure to tweet about it.. tweeter account:motioattack

  3. says

    I was a good seo boy this year. No spamming, cloaking or hacks. Maybe Santa will be kind enough to reward me with this theme?

  4. says

    Needing a theme for a design blog launch early next year. This looks nice, and looks and sounds like it has many of the features I require.

  5. says

    This is a really nice flexible looking theme and I am contemplating a overhaul on my blog in early 2010. I’ll make sure and tweet this @pdxOllo
    thanks again

  6. Jaam says

    I would like to get this theme to replace the current one that I have been using for sometimes now. From what I see in demo, it has plenty of writing space to post my entry and still have some parts to integrate the ads. It does not cramp too many features on the page until it looks dirty.

    I prefer the clean but yet colourful enough theme. Probably this will be a nice change before starting a new year.

  7. Carlos says

    To be honest? I want to win this theme to be able to study it and learn how to make a theme like a pro :D

  8. says

    I’d like this theme because I’m thinking about starting a blog on my personal design site and this would allow me to create that. Thanks again for offering it up in a contest.

  9. says

    I have a new site coming up and I’m wanting to launch a blog at the same time. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to sit back and figure out how to customize the basic WordPress Theme without pulling my hair out.

    Besides, I’m Vegan, teach a morning fitness class & Hung-gar kung fu, as well as being a self-employed stay-at-home dad/graphic designer. When am I going to have the time to sit down and manage to do some crazy-ass reverse engineering WordPress stuff without losing the rest of my mind?

    Does that work? Because I don’t think – “I like chicken”, or “it’s really cool” cut the cake here… lol

  10. Jimmy says

    I need this theme so I can get my wife off my back about the poor WordPress design I have now.

    Hope I win… soon! :)

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