40 WordPress-Powered Websites With Awesome Designs

The days of WordPress being used solely as a blogging platform are over. WordPress has powered some of the coolest sites on the internet, and this post is an example of 40 great ones.

I design wordpress blogs for a living, so I am always on the lookout to see what others are doing in my line of work – and I’m impressed daily. This post covers designs ranging from the awesome minimalism that we love here on SpyreStudios, portfolio designs, blog designs, showcase sites and full blown content driven sites. As you can see from the sites below, WordPress gives you the ability to create just about any type of site you’d like – and do it with awesome style!

Travelled Blog ↓

Travelled Blog

Quartel Design ↓

Quartel Design

Website Bakery ↓

Website Bakery

Takashi Irie ↓

Takashi Irie

Freehand Futurist ↓

Freehand Futurist

The Many Faces of… ↓

The Many Faces of

Constantia Strasbourg Neudorf ↓

constantia strasbourg neudorf

Mrcthms ↓


Theme Garden ↓

Theme Garden

Fabrica De Caricaturas ↓

fabrica de caricaturas

Aaron Irizarry ↓

Aaron Irizarry

David Hellmann ↓

David Hellmann

The Design Buzz ↓

The Design Buzz

Nanyate ↓


Kazuhide Fukuyama ↓

kazuhide fukuyama

UpThemes ↓


Ink Byte ↓

Ink Byte

Orange Apple ↓

Orange Apple

Run Addicts ↓

Run Addicts

Mail Bakery ↓

Mail Bakery

Web Is Love ↓

Web Is Love

Joystick Generals ↓

Joystick Generals

theEvnt ↓


Awesem ↓


Fully Illustrated ↓

Fully Illustrated

Blissfully Aware ↓

Blissfully Aware

Design Vetica ↓

Design Vetica

Acosmin ↓


Designwise ↓


Fresh01 ↓


Carol Rivello ↓

Carol Rivello

Hurco ↓


Sob Controllers ↓

Sob Controllers

Monday By Noon ↓

Monday By Noon

Ryan Clark Merrill ↓

Ryan Merrill

Moonwalk Films ↓

Moonwalk Films

Plain Green 10 ↓

Plain Green

TypeFaces ↓


BrainSpace ↓


Morphix Blog ↓

Morphix Blog

Your Turn To Talk

If you think we’ve missed some great WordPress-powered websites with killer designs, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments. I’m always on the hunt for cool designs for inspiration, so your input is very much appreciated :)


  1. Clear Blue Designs says

    I love wordpress, it is just so versatile isn’t it!

    There are some cracking designs in the list I love the many faces of Alan Rickman site.

    With the right amount of imagination, and a great design you certainly can produce a fantastic site!

  2. says

    Really wish I would have gotten this post about a week ago as I was needing some inspiration for my redesigned site. But still good for upcoming projects!

  3. says

    Thanks for all of the comments everyone and for the added links to the list. Some good ones in the comments, hopefully the readers are checking them out.

  4. says

    Some really nice examples – I’m always evangelising WP as more than a blog platform, especially with the upcoming release of 3.0. You missed my site off the list, though ;)

  5. says

    Thank you! It’s such a great honor to be listed alongside the other excellent and inspirational WordPress website designs.

  6. says

    Nice collection. The designs are awesome and some of these are so customized.. What do you think about our website? Not that artistically appealing though haha! :)

  7. says

    Thanks for putting this list together. It’s a nice list, but I can see your preferred design sensibility. I think I bookmarked your post some time ago and just found myself going back to it now. Good to see it’s gotten a lot of comments. By the way, my own site’s based on wordpress with the posts formatted on the old blogger theme.

  8. says

    Great collection! I especially enjoyed Carol Rivello’s website.

    Both my portfolio websites are done in WordPress. Wouldn’t use anything else!

  9. says

    what such a great post ! thanks for sharing ya, i really appreciated your hardwork for write this post. Keep up your hardwork.Now im so jelous,what such a beatiful theme ever i seen, thanks for sharing ya

  10. Anonymous says

    It’s a nice list. You can definitely see the influence of the recent theme designs.


  1. 40 WordPress-Powered Websites With Awesome Designs…

    The days of WordPress being used solely as a blogging platform are over. WordPress has powered some of the coolest sites on the internet, and this post is an example of 40 great ones….

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